Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Sorry for lack of updating... been working on my major project stuff for uni. I have a few WIP images for you but no renders as of yet. 

I'm working on a model of a demon dog I designed at the moment... above is low poly wire. It's at 3066 polys so far... the majority of them being in that face! I have some cleaning up to do, as well as some form making. Still need to add the feathers around the back of it's head, teeth, tongue and the tail but I think i'm getting there.

 Some more low poly wire images... am so pleased with those paws!! 

Lastly some mesh smooth images for you. Still have a little bit of work to do on him yet but I can't wait to get into Mudbox and start sculpting... I can see myself getting quite carried away...

He's going to be a black/dark grey, thinking primarily scales (a bit like Toothless in HTTYD style) to give him a bit more of a creature feel and to set him apart from looking completely like a dog. Thinking of perhaps adding some scars and war wounds as this guy is guardian of a cave and so has probably had to fight off quite a few people in his time! Will keep you updated with the progress.

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