Friday, 22 June 2012


I was watching a programme called 'Ocean Giants' the other night on the BBC and I was mesmerized by the river dolphins. They are the most weird but most incredible creatures, so I decided to sketch.

I really want to draw these guys more, they're amazing. Also killer whales and narwhals.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Final Character Brief

 This work is older than my previous post, but I thought I would put it up here anyway. We had a brief at university where we had to create a character and an environment. I LOVE character design and so I was really excited to get started. I drew up a few initial ideas of different creatures:

I liked the idea of using a snake character (but one of the rules was that we had to make our creature humanoid) so I kept with a Pharaoh/Egyptian idea and began to research the Egyptian Gods. I thought about making one of my own with a snake head (as far as I know there isn't one with a snake's head, only a crocodile).

So I came up with Thu'ban! Originally he was going to have a huge hood (as shown above) to look really intimidating and fierce. However my lecturers and I discussed that maybe it would be better to make it smaller. I tried a few initial colour ideas (Top left being colours taken from the Egyptian gods, top right being stereotypical snake colours and bottom being the colours of an Egyptian cobra).

Settling on the colour scheme I then proceeded to do some more research into hood shapes and environment art. I also drew up a model sheet so I could get modelling. And such was the outcome:

I also modelled Egyptian temple ruins to go alongside my character.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Summer.. and the start of a project!

And so, the summer holidays begin!
I've got 3 (ish) months of working a little and sweet, sweet nothing so I am gonna get on with some modelling practise. (3D modelling that is dur hur)

I drew up a dragon character a while ago called 'Curious' that i've been wanting to model and I made a start on him over the last few days. I find modelling easier when I break a character into chunks, so here is his head! Low poly version. He also has horns and a kind of 'mane' running down his neck which I will add later. He's pretty cartoony which was quite a challenge, I sketched up a model sheet but I couldn't seem to get him the way I drew him first (which is stupidly frustrating.)

This is pretty damn close to how I imagined him to be though, so i'm happy. Will update with more as I do more!