Friday, 10 May 2013

Demon Dog


So i've been working (almost, gotta eat and drink sometime...) solidly over the past couple days and I finished this off yesterday.

My demon dog! I modelled in Maya, sculpted in Mudbox, rendered a diffuse map, a displacement map and a spec map and badda-bing!

Pleased with this guy, he's been a few weeks in the making now and the only thing I have really enjoyed working on in this major project. I have other bits to finish also which i'll update with once i've got it all sorted.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Sorry for lack of updating... been working on my major project stuff for uni. I have a few WIP images for you but no renders as of yet. 

I'm working on a model of a demon dog I designed at the moment... above is low poly wire. It's at 3066 polys so far... the majority of them being in that face! I have some cleaning up to do, as well as some form making. Still need to add the feathers around the back of it's head, teeth, tongue and the tail but I think i'm getting there.

 Some more low poly wire images... am so pleased with those paws!! 

Lastly some mesh smooth images for you. Still have a little bit of work to do on him yet but I can't wait to get into Mudbox and start sculpting... I can see myself getting quite carried away...

He's going to be a black/dark grey, thinking primarily scales (a bit like Toothless in HTTYD style) to give him a bit more of a creature feel and to set him apart from looking completely like a dog. Thinking of perhaps adding some scars and war wounds as this guy is guardian of a cave and so has probably had to fight off quite a few people in his time! Will keep you updated with the progress.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Major Project

Sorry for the lack of update, been so busy with uni lately. I have just finished pre production on a couple of projects that I want to share with you!

I wanted to make a greyhound style character and so sketched out a few designs. I wanted to make something a bit more fantasy-like than just a greyhound so experimented with adding horns, feathers etc before moving on to the turn and pre vis. 

I'm also working on a short film of which I had to design a pigeon for. The pigeon was supposed to be a grubby, city pigeon so I did a few quick pigeon studies before moving on to the design and finally the turn.